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Moldavite - Extra Large
Moldavite - Extra Large
Moldavite - Extra Large

Moldavite - Extra Large

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Moldavite is the result of a meteor shower that occurred about 20 million years ago. When the meteors crashed onto Earth they formed a glass-like material that we know as Moldavite. As a result, true Moldavite can only be found in the Czech Republic and Moravites. 

Aids in:

  • Transformation
  • Chakra activation
  • Cleansing
  • Protection
  • Connection with Higher Realms
  • Meditation
  • Autism
  • Body Balance


  • ALL
  • Mainly Heart (Anahata) and Third eye (Ajna)


  • Small: .0 - .29g
  • Medium: .3 - .49g
  • Large: .5g - .69g
  • Extra-large: .7g+

NOTE: The thumbtack is used to show scale. Be advised that stones naturally come in various shapes, shades of color, and sizes. Therefore the stones you order may not look EXACTLY like the ones photographed above. We will, however, take requests (e.g.: the largest).