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"Melty" Large Bismuth
"Melty" Large Bismuth
"Melty" Large Bismuth

"Melty" Large Bismuth

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This one-of-a-kind Bismuth looks like it is melting before your eyes!

Bismuth, also known as Bi on the periodic table, is a naturally occurring metal. Its shape and color are the result of its cooling process. When it cools down from its melting point, Bismuth will form shells around itself forming the 'step' pattern and the oxidization, from the air, results in its color.  Look up "Melting Bismuth" to see how you can see this happen in your own home!

Aids in:

  • Relieving feelings of Isolation
  • Serenity
  • feelings of being connected
  • Facilitating a meditative state
  • Accepting change

Affirmation: "I am complete."


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