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Talisman of the Sacred Three

Talisman of the Sacred Three

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This, lead free, pewter pendant comes with its own 33 inch long waxed linen cord. Not only that, but this necklace comes with a full explanation of the pendants meaning on a card.

The card reads:

The three-sided talisman, in it's many forms, is one of the most ancient symbols of the western world. It is found on the walls of the palace of Minos on Crete. It appears on ancient Irish stone carvings, as well as etched on bones as much as 25,000 years old. It stands for three Goddesses: the Maiden: Goddess of youth, springtime and planting; the Mother: Goddess of growth, nurturing, and summer; the Crone: Goddess of the harvest, wisdom and the end of things. The Sacred Three are also Creation, Preservation, and Destruction, as well as Birth, Life, and Death. Like all ancient symbols, the Talisman of The Sacred Three is subject to ever-deepening levels of interpretation, and culminates in the understanding that all things are one.